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Importance of Wills


More than 2/3 of UK nationals do not have a will. Only 3 in 10 people have a will.

In 2009 the treasury gained £76m from people who died without making a will and in 2010 gained £53m.

It’s interesting what can be stated as an asset or inheritance in a will.

From online account passwords, furniture, shoes, clothes, heirlooms, photographs etc.

Making a will is important because it clearly states who your beneficiaries are and what they are entitled to. It’s a secure method to make sure your possessions go to the right people.

Some people tend to postpone or not make wills at all based on a number of factors.

  • Some feel like they do not have enough wealth.
  • It’s hard to understand the precedents, jargons and terminologies.
  • Making a will means they are about to die.

Mentioned in my earlier post on ‘Types of Wills’, you can write your own will, or use/buy a template online but it’s worth having a solicitor go over it with you to make sure it is a valid will.

“One I saw only had room for one witness signature – it has to be two. Another client I had wanted to leave all his golf clubs to his best friend, but his best friend was the witness – which means that was invalid – he could never get his golf clubs.” – Solicitor.

It is important to make a digital asset management plan and include your digital assets to your will.

Social media accounts, Online banking accounts, digital financial information, photographs and deeds to properties are all examples of digital assets.

At PlannedDeparture we offer online storage of all your digital assets.

To get started sign up for a free trial today.

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Technology! Please don’t.

With the aid of the internet children are growing up way to fast. I was  a child of the 80’s and in my day I was happy to play outside all day with my friends and cousins, we would play hop scotch, skipping rope, police and thieves or dress up,  read a book or watch some cartoons. Our imagination was our playground. now everything has changed.

My little cousins just like other children of today  barely step out of the house to play, they would rather play these games with each other or by themselves on a on mobile phones, tablets or PC’s. Send texts all day, or surf the internet, but to be fair a few of them actually study and find out new facts to helping them develop physically and mentally. Acquiring knowledge is one of the best things a child can have but to what extent? Some of the information they stumble upon while browsing, I didn’t find out till I was an early teen. Some of this information can be helpful as well as harmful based on how the child interprets it.

Technology has benefited us a lot. It has brought hope to curing terminal diseases like cancer, it has made education easier and accessible from anywhere through distance learning, easy communication with family and friends through text, videos and calls… It basically influences our every move.

Children learn so much now at such an early age which allows them to grow up quickly. Childhood used to be so long in a fun way but now it seems rushed and they grow up so quickly. knowledge they say is power, but I say too much of everything at the wrong time is bad.

Technology  please don’t rob our children of their childhood, but that’s not my point. Its not the fault of technology if it is being misused. It is the responsibility of us as individuals, family and society to protect our children.

Protect your children, let them enjoy their childhood, they have so many years to be an adult, let us not deprive them by influencing the robbery of their innocence.

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What happens to your online accounts when you die?




After Yahoo Japan, now IBN live is asking this question in an article posted today.You can find more details of the article here.

The article talks about the Uniform Law Commission as well.It’s nice to see that laws are catching up now. However, dealing with digital assets is much more complex than dealing with physical assets. Giving all the assets to legal heir is not a complete solution. Prior to the development of PlannedDeparture.com, when I was researching this topic, I met someone who lost her Brother. She converted his facebook page in the memorial page but was living in the constant dilemma – as she wasn’t sure if her brother would have approved it or not. One main thing – instructions on how his facebook page should be handled was missing.

Another issue is what’s relevant for whom? Personally, I wouldn’t want every asset to go to my legal heir. They wouldn’t have any clue on what needs to be done. Control should be in the hands of user. They should be able to specify who gets what along with the instructions on what needs to be done.

PlannedDeparture gives control back to the user. Why not sign up today to find out more.

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Yahoo walking in the footprints of planneddeparture


It is good to know that Yahoo is finally realising the importance of digital legacy and following the footsteps of PlannedDeparture :) but they are missing the point that digital legacy goes beyond Yahoo.

Our digital footprint is increasing everyday and its not limited to the Yahoos or googles  or facebooks of the online world but includes all and many more accounts. All our financial and emotional lives have gone online right from bank accounts, insurance policies, Utilities bills to virtual currencies. You can find out more about your digital footprint here .

We need a more comprehensive solution to manage this big digital footprint. This is why we created www.Planneddeparture.com This provides value to the user:

* By organising all the scattered information in one place. During lifetime the users knows about all the important information and accounts.

* By providing peace of mind that his/her important information will be communicated to his family or friends i.e the right people at the right time.

So why not try out PlannedDeparture today and start your free trial now.

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